Some Small Businesses See Increase in Web Traffic Following #Mobilegeddon

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A couple weeks ago, we wrote about reports that non-responsive websites were seeing drops in their page views from mobile search. This isn't surprising, since Google's new mobile search algorithm now penalizes sites that aren't 'mobile friendly'. Now, we have numbers suggesting that at least Small and Medium Businesses with mobile-friendly sites are seeing increases in their traffic This is excellent news for our clients who have taken advantage of our responsive web-deign services. 

A mobile development firm tracked over 4700 websites and found that small businesses saw an average 10.8 percent increase in page views after the algorithm update. They found that the sites with lower traffic before the update saw the most in terms of an increase. This means people are finding relevant, mobile-friendly websites more easily.

Following these numbers is exciting as more reliable data is being produced all the time. Initially, the impact of mobilegeddon wasn't immediately clear, and may have been underestimated by the first reports. The more time goes on, the more we will be able to accurately tell our clients how a non-responsive site can hurt their business in hard numbers.

Have you been monitoring your site's traffic since mobilegeddon? Ultimately, the numbers that are individual to your business are the most important.