Outsourcing Social Media: It's not crazy!

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There are hundreds of web marketing firms, online and otherwise, dedicated to offering their clients a wide array of services to maximize their web presence. It's nothing new to want someone to design a website for you, take care of your SEO, or design an email campaign. Recently, web development and marketing firms have started offering to take control of your social media presence as well.

The nature of social media to a business owner is much more personal, so some businesses may be reluctant to hand over the reigns to their accounts to someone outside the company. While this may seem like an emotional barrier, it's rooted in real business sense. Social media followers and friends are interested in authenticity above all else, so when you're thinking of outsourcing, make sure you go with someone willing to learn your audience in and out.

An advantage of outsourcing of course, is the instant access to additional resources. To be an effective social media manager, you must spend time learning new developments in the industry, researching emerging platforms, and studying previous successful campaigns. This is certainly not the job for a busy business owner, or an intern. Outsourcing to a web marketing firm allows you access to that knowledge and exerience, without the time investment.

Handing over your social media efforts to a third party doesn't mean your work is over, however. If you're the industry expert, your agency will still need to come to you for content. They also will need to know who you're trying to reach, and what particular message or goals you have. A huge part of a social media manager's job is analyzing your social media data and interpreting it for you. They may make suggestions for adjustments in your marketing strategy based on what they find, being receptive to those adjustments is also a part of being active in your campaign.

Overall, outsourcing to a social media manager can mean real results for your business.

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